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Charles and Christina Fredrickson had 17 grandchildren, 16 of which lived to adulthood. Thirteen survive at this writing (2004). The eldest, Evelyn, was born in 1914 and the youngest, Linda, in 1953. All 16 married. There have been 32 children born to these marriages and two have been adopted.

ConcordiaGroup.jpg (113989 bytes)Millard Ross and George Fredrickson initiated the first of a series of Cousin Reunions in 1996.ConcordiaGroup2.jpg (109994 bytes) George and Wanda hosted the group at their home on the farm.

Jan and Terry Fredrickson made the arrangements for the second of the series in Salina.

cousins1.jpg (112447 bytes)The third took place in Concordia at the same time as the observancecousins group2.JPG (109572 bytes) of the 125th anniversary of the founding of the two predecessor churches of the First Baptist Church there.

The most recent of the reunions was hosted by Eunice and Ed Rolfs cousins03.jpg (100784 bytes) at the countryreuniongroup03.jpg (106599 bytes) club in Junction City in 2003. We had the largest attendance including several who had been unable to be at any of the previous gatherings. There were also several from the next two generations making it especially enjoyable.

Our next gathering will take place in Wichita on September 10, 2005!  Location, time, and other details will
be forthcoming.


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