The annual report for District #8 in 1894 listed J.E. McAllister, clerk; J.S. Decker, director; and C.E. Moore, treasurer. C.E. Rose was the teacher. County Superintendent was Mrs. R. Coughlen. Wages were $40 per month for nine months. There were 45 students, 23 girls and 22 boys. The red brick schoolhouse was built in 1910 at a cost of $2,700 and was heated with a furnace. It has since been called District #8 Brick School.dist8.jpg (90122 bytes)

In 1911 there were 33 students attending the new school. Teachers during the year were Eva Ott, Bethel Cook and B. Wilson. Family names on the census were Louis Eells. A. Brosseau. Charles Fredrickson. J.H. Davies. S.B. Burgan, C.W. Hayden. D.R. Coughlin. E.A. Decker, Dave Delforge, A. Blom, H.G. Moore, O. Dorsulance.

Teachers during the '20s and '30s were Addie Lachenmeier, Mary Hurley, Esther Sjogren, Delta Smith and Eula Porter. The 1938 annual report listed eight students. School board members were George Fredrickson, treasurer; Ed Vanek, director; and C.L. Bramwell, clerk. The last record was for 1958-59. Enrollment was 12 students and the teacher was Agnes Rodgers. Board members were Elmore Mason, George Fredrickson Jr. and Harold Shrader. Teacher salary was $3,358 and the annual cost per pupil was $338.20. The library contained 298 volumes.

The county teachers' record shows that the teacher for 1959-60 was Ruth Martin and that Gerald Riley was the teacher for 1960-61. The school closed in 1961.  Three generations of Fredrickson children attended District #8.