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This page lists items having to do with the history of the family. Each of the listed items ends with a link to the associated archive page.  In most cases, the items are singular in nature, but there are also some that are grouped.  There are links back to this page on each of the archive pages.


1. Letters to Charles Fredrickson from Sweden, dated December 26, 1887; June 10, 1888;    November 11, 1888; Feb. 18, 1894; October 8, 1901; and November 8, 1904.  Letters Page #1    Go

2. Charles Fredrickson Certificate of Naturalization, dated Sept. 22, 1913.   Documents Page #1   Go

3. Letter regarding documents from Gotland from David Larson to Louise Ganstrom, dated June 1, 1993.  Letters Page #2   Go

4. Documents from Gotland regarding Christina (Nelson) Fredrickson’s family and birth.  Documents Page #2    Go

5. Funeral notice addressed for service for Kristin Fredriksson to "Karl Fredriksson with wife" dated June 10, 1888.  Presumably the funeral for Charles Fredrickson's stepmother.  Documents Page #3    Go

6. Obituaries of Charles and Christina Fredrickson  Documents Page #5   Go

7.  Profiles of Will and Nina, George and Dorothy, and Paul and Eda Fredrickson and Frank and 
Alice Carlson from the History of Cloud County, Kansas.  Documents Page #4    Go
8. Maps of Sweden and Norway and maps of greater detail showing birthplaces.  (Long download time)  Maps Page #1   Go

9. What Price, Buffalo Valley, a profile of Ellen Olson, Alma's maternal grandmother, 
 by Gail French Peterson, published in 1937.   Documents Page #6    Go

10.  Edmund Buer obituary and a tribute to him from his closest neighbors,  the Alex Scott family.   Documents Page #7   Go

11.  Carl  and Alma Fredrickson obituaries and funeral tributes by their family.   
Documents Page #8   Go

12.  Brief Histories of Grant Township and St. Luke' Lutheran Church.   Documents Page # 9   Go

13.  Map of Grant Township.   Maps Page # 2   Go

14.  Picture and profile of the SS Thingvalla, the ship on which Edmund Buer and his brother Hegle made their second crossing to this country.  Documents Page # 10    Go

15.  Scholarly article entitled, "The Danish Thingvalla Line and the Transport of Emigrants".  Documents Page #11.    Go

16.  Brief history of Concordia Baptist Church, 1952.  Documents Page # 12.  Go

17.  Picture and brief history of Cloud County District #8 school.  Documents Page #13.  Go

18.  ETT MINNE (A Memory)  Extract from the 1907 History of the Swedish Baptist Church.  Documents Page #14.  Go

19.  AMERICA, AMERICA!, a short article on the emigration to Kansas from Southern Gotland and the Letter to Gottland written from the colony in Cloud County back in 1875.  Documents Page #15.   Go

20.  Rossjoholm, text of a web page article on the estate on which Charles L. Fredrickson was born.  Documents Page #16    Go

21.  Brief history of Charles and Gertrude Christina Andersson.   Documents Page #17 Go

22.  Profile of Lane Fredrickson prepared by MarJean (Fredrickson) Schapsmeier.  Documents Page #18  Go

23.  Profile of Marie and Don Donahoo prepared by Vicki Witherspoon.  Documents Page #19  Go

24.  Olof Cedarlund.  Documents Page #20   Go

25.  Profile of Beatrice and Ward Butler prepared by Vicki Witherspoon.  Documents Page #21 Go 

26.  Profile of Etta Fredrickson and Emanuel Ross prepared by Millard Ross.  Documents Page #22 Go

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