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Marie and Don Donahoo

Marie Fredrickson was the 7th child, and the 4th daughter of Charles and Christina Fredrickson. She was born in Concordia, Kansas on December 4, 1903.Marie13txt.jpg (68501 bytes)

MarieShockingtxt.jpg (93433 bytes)As a part of this large family, her life w as mainly centered around the farm where they lived. All of children, male or female, from an early age had chores to do daily which were sometimes difficult or unpleasant. She learned to milk cows, take care of chickens, and garden as well as help with the household chores.

Their social life was centered around the Baptist Church in Concordia. She was allowed to finish her schooling through the 10th grade when her father insisted she stay home. Not receiving a high school diploma always remained a disappointment for her.

BeaMarie1txt.jpg (47427 bytes)In the early 1920ís, she was able to secure a position at the Cloud County Bank in Concordia. She became secretary to the president, J. C. Peck, and remained in that position until 1935. She and her older sister, BeatriceBeaMarieEvelyntxtjpg.jpg (74172 bytes) Fredrickson, lived together in an apartment in Concordia, got their driverís licenses, and bought a car. Marie drove until she was 87, a total of 65 years. Both sisters were very financially independent, etc., and didnít marry until they were in the thirties. Some of the cousins have memories of staying with these single aunts who dressed in the latest styles, traveled the country, and lived life as they wanted.

During Marieís employment at the bank, one of the highlights of Concordiaís history took place. In July 1932, the bank was robbed by the Alvin Karpis/Freddy Barker gang, that was #1 on the FBIís "public enemy BeaMarie2txt.jpg (90219 bytes) most wanted list" at the time. The robbery didnít go smoothly due to problems with the time release of the safe, and the gang had to spend nearly an hour in the bank instead of the planned 10 minutes. Employees were beaten, and Marie had a gun held to her head by Freddy Barker. She was told she would be killed if the safe wasnít opened.  She was later taken as a hostage when the gang left the bank, but luckily was let go several miles out of town.

In 1933, Marie married Don Donahoo who she had met several years earlier through her younger brother, Carl. Don was originally from Superior, Nebraska, and was farming with his father outside Concordia on rental land. His great grandfather had homesteaded land in Nebraska many years earlier, but the family had lost 500 acres due to financial problems during the depression.

Vicki6motxt.jpg (101552 bytes)Don took a job driving an oil truck and in 1938 they moved Ottawa, Kansas. On January 29, 1939, their only child, a daughter, Vicki Ann, was born in Ottawa.MarieDonVicki.jpg (190100 bytes)

In 1940, they moved again, to Oswego, Kansas where Don worked during the war in an ordinance plant. After the war, he took a job with Colorado Fuel and Iron, and the family moved to Boulder, Colorado. Don was transferred to Lincoln, Nebraska in 1946. When asked to transfer again, he decided to stay in Lincoln, and went to work for Deitrich/Field Wholesale Dry Goods Co. Don remained in a management position there until 1955.

In 1956 he was approached by Fruit of the Loom Corporation in New York City to interview for a regional manager position. He was offered the position, and the family moved to Mineola, Long Island in 1956. New York was a great adventure for the whole family

And as hard as the adjustment was at times, it opened many doors of opportunity. Don commuted from Long Island to the Manhattan offices. He traveled a great deal to cover his east coast region from Canada to Florida. Marie often went with him, and saw a lot of the USA and Canada.

Their granddaughter, Kimberly Marie, was born in Manhassett , New York ,on December 20,1963.

MarieDontxt.jpg (76949 bytes)In 1966, Marie and Don retired to Port St. Lucie, Florida and built a small retirement home leaving their large home on Long Island. They were very involved in their church and made many friends. Don played golf and took an active part in funding a civic center for the community .MarieVickiKimtxt.jpg (74335 bytes)

After playing 18 boles of golf, Don had a cerebral hemorrhage in April 1977 and died a few days later. Marie, with her amazing business ability, took charge of her life, and remained in their home for 13 more years. She came to live the last 6 years of her life with her daughter, Vicki, who lived in Sandpiper Bay, In Port St. Lucie, Florida.

In May 1995, Marie died of old age leukemia in her ninety second year. She and Don had bad a wonderful adventure together. They are interred at Highpoint Cemetery in Vero Beach, Florida.VickiHarrytxt.jpg (90547 bytes)

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