Edmund Buer, son of Helge and Anna Buer was born, March 8, 1862 in Odde, Norway, Europe. He was in early childhood baptized and confirmed in the Lutheran faith. In 1880 he left his native land for America, locating in the State of Illinois. A few years later he journeyed westward locating on a homestead near Catlewood, S.D.

In 1886 he made a trip back to his fatherland and, after spending the winter at home, he again returned to this country arriving at Glasco, Kansas making his home with his brother, Helge for a period of three years. In 1893 Mr. Buer was united in marriage to Amelia Olsen. Before moving to their present home west of Norway twenty-three years ago, they resided for a period of about nineteen years on a farm in the vicinity of Jamestown, Kansas. To this union in marriage were born nine children.

Mr. Buer was a good husband and father, an industrious farmer, honest in his dealings, a kind and helpful neighbor. He labored faithfully in establishing and maintaining a home for his family. During his residence in the community, Mr. Buer showed a heart interest in church, school and civic enterprises. He encouraged his children to receive instruction in the Word of God, unto confirmation and to completing their course of study in the public schools.

As a member of Our Savior's Lutheran Congregation he assumed his duties with a sincere loyalty, serving in the capacity of trustee and deacon up until the time of his death. Mr. Buer's time of departure came rather unexpectedly; during his later years he was burdened with an affliction which at times caused him considerable distress.

He was taken suddenly ill Sunday, January 20. He had hopes to again regain sufficient strength to remain with us longer but the Lord willed it otherwise, when on Monday morning following he was summoned away to await his last reward at age of 72 years, 10 months and 13 days.

Those who mourn his departure are: his faithful wife, Amelia, and 9 children, Mrs. Logan Scott of Norway, Kans., Mrs. Clarence Young of Yuma, Colo., Mrs. Lester Spelts of Stromsberg, Nebr., Mrs. Emery Berry; of Scandia, Kans., Mrs. Phil Bennet of Hebron, Nebr., Mrs. Clare Nesmith, Harry, Alma, and Margaret of the home, together with twenty four grandchildren, his brother, Helge, who lives in Bellingham, Wash., six nephews and three nieces, and a host of neighbors and friends.

May the Lord bless the pleasant memories of the departed husband, father and neighbor.

From The Scandia Journal, Scandia, Kansas, January _, 1935,




[Copied from the Scandia Journal]

The passing of Edmund Buer marked the loss of a true neighbor and friend. A man, who although firm in his convictions, he never held a grudge. His adversities never plucked his neighbor's mind. Through happiness and sorrow he remained the same loyal friend and staunch citizen that made his nearness a pleasure and his passing a sorrow never to be forgotten.

Mr. Buer was a man widely read. His understanding of the world problems and affairs was of unequaled merit. He had in his mind a solution, although not outwardly expressed; it remains in the writer's mind as of unfathomable consequence toward outside things and conditions. Talking with him was a pleasure because one could feel and enjoy the wonderful mind that guided his speech.

He climbed the height of human thought and left all superstitions far below. He sided with the weak and with a willing hand gave alms. With loyal heart he faithfully discharged all public trusts. He was a worshipper of liberty and a friend of the oppressed. Through all his life he lived as a provider, doing his duty well that (neither) family nor friend should ever dwell in want.

He lived his three score and ten yet his body was active and his sight clear. Not impaired in action or thought he engaged actively in farming and until his last days kept his plans not lagging.

May these few weak words convey to your mind our last expression of thought in regard to the one who has gone. May those who carry on follow in his footsteps.  He added to the sum of human joy and were everyone for whom he did some loyal service to bring a blossom to his grave he would sleep tonight beneath a wilderness of flowers.

From the Alex Scott's