T 0: C L Fredrickson Concordia, Cloud Co Kansas

Nort Ameri cka

26 December 87.

Dear Son and Daughter--i n-law:

I have received the last letter of the 18th of November. We are in fairly good health and are happy together. And even want so much to thank you for- your letter which you sent us, 'which would become a remembrance from you. I should now tell you about our health which has not been very good recently. I halve had pain in my left side. I have not been able to work as I should have. I have, of course, not worked since mother and I are completely a1one. During our old days, I became 1azy.

You know that John Peter in Holland has bought his home for 7,000 Kr.

Lager? Has not been well since she got a little girl. She has had some swelling In both her breasts. She has ached a lot, but it is beginning to get better. She has suffered much from that. Of Alberg is working in Concordia so then he will come to visit. Please, greet him so heartily from us.

We have had stormy winter and much snow.

I shall now stop writing with greetings from all acquaintances. Ludwig Anton sent home to his parents no less than 1,000 Kr. In the month before Christmas, so he now has enough in his account, which is good.

Last, may it be that you and your wife have very much greetings from father and mother. Do not forget us. The Lord takes care of all those whom he loves or those that do not love him.

Kindly from your father,

W. A. Fredrickson




11 November, 1888


Alskade Lan

Thousand times thanks for the dear letter which I received the 7th.


Just now, in these days, it is good that you have not forgotten me since Mother died. I do not have it so good since I am alone. I do not have any strength. I have it good because I have work that I hove to go to for the time being. During the time Mother lay sick I have much to do as far as I am able. I have now for the time being, someone who is good help. I have lots of work but not less than 14 days or more as long as it takes until I can get another one.

I hope that I have received a letter from Alfred, but I have not received any – not anything definite from him. The last letter I received from him is the one on 13th of June ’86. Which letter I now will return to him. Give it to him when you see him.

I go now this coming winter to a meeting which I have never been to alone before and you can believe that it has been difficult for me. I have gone through a lot of sadness and a lot of concerns. I will never forget the 1886, but maybe my days will not be many since my beloved mate has been taken away.

Dear son, if this letter has been lost, if I have done you any harm, so I beg you for forgiveness.

The Lord quenches the thirst of the soul who believes, is content, who today grace demands. Sorrow depresses me down to the earth, but it is Jesus who uplifts me that my heart belongs to him.

In the meantime, I am very thankful for the newspaper if you want to send it.

Here, has been a lot of rain after the fall, so that the harvest has been later, so that it has been hard to sow the seed, because it freezes fairly early.

I received a letter from Manson yesterday. He is not very well. He has chest illness.

Hallingana, I have not heard from since midsummer.

My letter is written badly, because I am lying down in the bed and writing this.

Live well forever more,

Written by your father,


W. A. Fredrickson



To: Mr. C L Fredrickson
Clod Count, Koncordia, Kansas
Nort Amerika


February 18th 1894


Beloved Brothers and Sisters:

I shall for the first, thank you for the enclosed letter that came to us. It was pleasant news to hear that you are in good health.

All we who live here _____________________ even in your letter ___________________ for what we’ve heard and even ______________ to come to you now in the spring and that you will receive her in your home and that she shall stay there as long as she wants to and even more that you want to send here a ticket, which is much to thank you for and shall wait with gladness the day when she can start her trip to travel to the new land.

You write that it is not lawful to send for the ticket to Sweden but nothing wrong for her to receive such a thing. It would be better to buy it here, because you know the situation best. She will be 18 years old this summer, July 8th.

No details do we know right now about Augusta Cedarlund who is at home here with Johan Bolin. She does not know yet her plans if she is going to travel this spring. They greet you so much, all of you both brothers and sisters. She is feeble and in poor health and in bed most of the time. She worried about a room for herself, because it could be more quiet, because one knows that many live in one room and then it is not as quiet, as one who is not well, needs.

Now she has a friend for herself and we care for her every morning so that the room is warm when she goes to bathe. She says many times, "If I could be near my children then I would have someone to care for me." But this is not her lot on this earth and the Lord works out the best.

Per Joransson, Quinnyard Garden, thought I should write to in-laws that Nils wants to __________ go to Amerika, but I have no desire to do that, but can, of course, write a letter anyway and answer for I think she has received the letter. All of the relatives greet you from all of us.

John Sevsson (or Persson)



8 October 1901


Dear son, Carl Ludwig:

A long time has passed since we wrote some lines between us and soon will happen the 24th of this month when you become 49 years old and I want to wish you the heartiest congratulations. I had thought I would wait until next year when you will be 50, but now I am getting old and weak and I do not know when the Lord will choose to call me from this earth. That I am living now is a bit of luck. Since your mother died, I could never have imagined that I lived so long after her.

So I cannot say about traveling alone. As Jacob said, "I want to travel away before I die."

Maria has been sickly for 3 ˝ years. She is becoming better and therefore I am glad that I have someone that knows me.

So much has changed since you left Rosjoholm and the old childhood farm. Old Baronen and Toirinnan are dead. He had married this Swedish lady and they have one boy and one girl. They have built new living quarters with electricity (?). I work and all the old good friends are gone. John Peter and Johanna, in Holland, are dead. All boys are married. Joren and Grossali have taken _______________when you are home with us. T. Tillberg lives. Greet him so heartily from me. Emil plans to come to Sweden one more time. Jverstrom and his second wife are also dead. More than that I do not know.

I have ______________ a little living quarters, about half of 3 ____________ square, good enough for the time being.

I would like to know about how many children you have. Willhelm is supposedly quite big and growing. I want to hear about you and all of your. Greet your wife and all of your children.

Your Father,

W. A. Fredrickson

Please excuse this which has not been very well written. My eyes are weak and my hand shakes.

(Written along the right margin of the page, "Do you think sometimes about your old father?")


Norby Vollder
Kings Hill

8 November 1904


Dear Brothers, Sister-in-law and children:

Live well is my wish.

Dear Brother, I have a long time gone and waited to get a letter from you, but all is forgiven. Therefore, I want with a few lines, let you hear from me and I can wish you that we, God be praised, that I have all health until the present time, and wish with all my heart that these lines find you the same. If we could only thank God enough for that therefore.

Yes, I should very much like to scold you and I believe that you bother your sister or the old father, but I think that when we are only two sisters, we should be able to have time to write each other at least once a year.

I can tell you that I was a Rossjoholm last summer and I saw father. I had not been home for 13 years. You can believe it has changed so that one could not know it.

There is tall trees all over this house and wherever one looks, there are certain trees found and there are hardly any trees in yards like anywhere we lived there years ago here on the earth.

And I can greet you from Vollirbuck. Carl drove me to Rossjoholm, and Olof is a watchman and lives close to Alfred, and is engaged to a rich girl. Even my mother’s brothers and grandmother are in good health and ambitious and is so much like you.

Yes you can believe that I many times think about you and how it is for all of your relatives. You were a whole lot like the Lord has planned you..

We do not have more than four. The two biggest girls are working at Goteborg where Ebba is the manager and Anna works where they are so efficient and kind. So now only two at home, Yosta and Ruth.

So you see that we are at the same place. It is surely a poor place. It is, no doubt, almost as if nip and tuck, one can feed himself and so we might as well be satisfied.

How is Alfred? He is much rich. Now I can believe, if I knew that he was also a believer in God then I would write and ask him about a few dollars. If you see him, tell him, you who are in America, send so much money home to your own parents. I want my girls to travel to America, but Oli does not want to travel. Oli is so afraid of the sea. Then I say, "So then you could earn money and send it home."

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