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The first of the gatherings was at Jackson Hole in June of 2000. The entire group 322.JPG (117630 bytes)with the exception of Jaret was in attendance. We spent four days being awed by the329.JPG (72173 bytes) beauty and grandeur of the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Park. We agreed that it was great fun and that we were all ready to do again the following year. Some of us stated that we were ready to come back to Jackson Hole the next year (and there were others of us who thought it was a pretty good idea)!552.JPG (96406 bytes)

Members of the troupe swam, golfed, hiked, went rafting, rode horses, witnessed a gunfight on Main Street, cooked, ate, and drank. Some did all of the above, and some of the "more seasoned" of us were fatigued just watching.

We had the opportunity to see buffalo, deer, moose, and bear in their 377.JPG (110832 bytes)natural318.JPG (97305 bytes) environment and recorded pictures of all except the bear. The moose were a special treat because most of us had never seen them in the wild before, and some of them had relatively young calves with them.

One of the highlights of the entire trip was the covered wagon ride up the mountain 723.JPG (94279 bytes)to supper. We were required to survive an attack by savage Indians600.JPG (101870 bytes) on the way. Following the camp wagon supper, we were treated to a camp show. Jan made his debut as a stage actor during the show where he was the highlight of the evening relying on that great natural family talent, snoring!

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