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The Durango/Purgatory area of Southern Colorado was the sight of our gathering in June  2001. We arranged to have the Silverpick Lodge for the entire stay. It was not all that it might have been from the standpoint of updating and general repair, and the kitchen facility was seriously deficient. There was ample room, however, and it was generally comfortable.

jeep trip 1.JPG (52479 bytes)The mountain scenery is spectacular in the area, and our program of activities put us injeep trip 2.JPG (74924 bytes) the middle of it. We began with a Jeep trip on the first day under Janís direction. The initial trails were interesting, scenic, and quite safe and conservative as mountain trails go. As the day went on, they became higher, steeper, more scenic, and noticeably less safe and conservative.

train1.JPG (92020 bytes)We rode the narrow gauge steam train over the pass betweentrain2.JPG (87817 bytes) Durango and Silverton. Along with the smell of coal smoke and soot on our clothes, we came away with memories of one beautiful mountain vista after another. We were all glad we were not riding back down again, but it was an experience none of us will ever forget.

mine.JPG (57949 bytes)Our tour of the silver mine, Old Hundred, was one of the most interesting and educational parts of the trip for many of us. Our guide was an old hard-rock miner with a nrooster.JPG (50026 bytes)atural flair for showmanship.

We went to dinner in old Durango and then to the melodrama. It was not Broadway, but we enjoyed it as much or more. The troupe was young, talented, and enthusiastic. The mere mention of "that darned rooster" still brings smiles all around!mesa verde 2.JPG (86106 bytes)

mesa verde1.JPG (74204 bytes)Many of us went for a driving tour of the Indian Cliff-dweller area at Mesa Verde south of Durango. The mountain scenery was less overpowering, but the record of the Indian culture preserved there in the stone of the cliffs was very much so. We left profoundly impressed with their evident industry, determination, and adaptability.

It was our first gathering without Mother. One of her fondest expressed wishes was that we should continue these events.  Todd and Kim could not be with us, but all the rest of the company was there. We also had the great additional pleasure of having Johnís father, Jerry Staples, with group.JPG (91380 bytes)

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