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The information of the greatest interest we do have on our genealogy is recorded in the History section and documented further in the Archives.  We do also have some information regarding our "family tree" thanks to the efforts of others.  

One of our Minnesota Buer cousins has successfully traced and documented the Buer family line back into the 1700's.  The tree that presents what he has done is available below at the Buer family link.  The information currently available on the Olson family extends no further than to Hans and Ellen Olson, Grandmother Buer's parents.  At this point, there is no information as to the location from which they came in Norway, and it is virtually impossible to proceed without knowing the parish of origin.  Most of the records of importance to genealogical research were maintained by the parish priests in both Norway and Sweden prior to 1900.

We have received a windfall of information on Grandmother Fredrickson's family from a wonderfully generous genealogist in Gottland named Elisabeth Molin.  She has been involved in doing research in several parishes on Gottland including the one in which our Swedish grandmother was born and in which much of her family had lived from the time of the earliest available records in the mid-1600's.  One of Elisabeth's objectives has been to document every person who lived in the parish and their family relationships from the time records were first kept.  Her husband, Nils Molin, is a great-grandson of our grandmother's elder sister making him our second cousin once removed.

Our research on the Charles Fredrickson family has achieved some measure of success.  We have gotten identifying information on all of our grandfather's direct ancestors "available in the surviving records".  We have also obtained some identifying information on his sister's family in Sweden, including some about our cousins living there today.  This opportunity to learn more and to establish communication is being pursued.
All of this information is shown in the family tree chart "fredfamily" (see link below).

The information we do now have on our ancestors does not tell us very much about them.  We know little of what their occupations were or what the causes of their deaths were.  It does seem clear, however, that there was little, if any, wealth or social prominence and no trace of royal blood.  Our Swedish grandparents were both from families of farm workers, although Wilheim August Fredriksson was a shoe cobbler by trade.  Our Norwegian grandfather was raised on a mountain farm of which he would inherit none.  Our Great-grandfather Hans Olson was a also shoe cobbler in Norway and apparently came initially to Chicago to pursue his craft there.

We are attempting to obtain the information required to bring the family tree charts current.  The charts will, as a result, remain in something of a state of flux.  They will be updated on this site periodically as newly available information is added.


Viewing the Family Tree Charts

The links listed below provide access to all of the family tree charts that have been constructed from the data we have been able to assemble.  Viewing the charts requires that Adobe Acrobat Reader be installed on your computer.  In most cases it is, and, if it is not, it should be!  Downloading and installation is a quick and simple process at the following Adobe site:

The content of most of the charts is obvious from the names given the links.  Some of them are not, however.  Nelsonfamily represents Christina Nelson's ancestory while fredfamily provides that of Charles Fredrickson. It includes what we now know of his sister's family, as well.  The family of Catharina Nelson, our grandmother's elder sister is shown in johanssonfamily.  

The lineage connecting our grandfather, Edmund Buer, with his great-grandfather is shown in buerfamily.  The family of his elder brother, Jorgen, including the two sons who came to this country, is depicted in jorgenbuer.

Finally, some brief notes have been added to some of the charts.  These are indicated by the small yellow flags.  Clicking on the flag brings the related note on the screen for viewing;  clicking on the "X" at the upper left of the note clears it from the screen.


alicefred                                               nelsonfamily                                           willfred

carlfred                                                  paulfred                                                  fredfamily 

ettafred                                                  mariefred                                               johanssonfamily

geofred                                                  lanefred


hansolsen                                             buerfamily                                                 jorgenbuer

edmundbuer                                         annabuer                                                  ellabuer

juliabuer                                                 harrybuer                                                  clarabuer

gladysbuer                                             mildredbuer                                             margaretbuer